Early Spring Maintentane DYI

April 10, 2018

Spring is coming even if we are still getting snow. Hopefully we are done with snow today.

For you Do it Yourselfers this blog is for you!

It is time to plan your fertilization program for your lawns and beds now.


The opportunity to control crabgrass is here for the next two to three weeks. Get a high quality fertilizer with crabgrass control and apply it to your lawn in the next 21 days. This is your best option to control crabgrass and is the second most important fertilizer application of the season.
If you only do two applications a year the most important application is in the fall. We recommend a five application program that helps keep the turf healthy and pretty much weed free with two applications of weed control per season.
Our standard five application programs is based on the following schedule give or take two weeks either side of these dates.
April 15, May 25, July 1, August 15 and September 30
If you fertilize on the three summer holidays and April 15 and October 15 you fit in all the windows of a great plan.



All the plants in our beds are waking up to a cold start this spring. Just a sprinkling of a triple 12 around the deciduous trees, shrubs and perennials will help them thrive this summer. This should be done in the next couple of weeks. If you do it later please water all fertilizers in.
The same applies to your evergreen trees, shrubs, hydrangeas, azaleas and rhododendrons, but use holly tone. This is an acid based fertilizer that helps these acid loving plants.

Annual Flowers

This could be a weird buying season for annual plants this year. Materials at the home centers may be held for a longer than normal time because of the cold weather. Try to buy from fresh stock delivered within a day or two if you use the big box stores. Please be careful with planting to early, frost kills annuals and we may have a colder than normal spring. Watch the weather closely.

I will have more on annuals in a couple of weeks.

It will warm up eventually!


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