From the heart of a child

March 19, 2018

Saturday, I went to visit clients from last year to discuss phase two of their outdoor living landscape plans. I set up my laptop on the kitchen table and presented a PowerPoint and the renderings of my proposal. I was standing next to the table across from my clients while their very young daughter sat at the end of the table. She was quiet and well-behaved, and busily scratching something on a sheet of paper while we talked. She asked her mom something about halfway through our discussion and then went back to work. When we were done discussing the options and finalizing plans, their sweet little girl handed me this note with a drawing. As close as I can interpret, this is what it says-

“You are the guy for work for make our patio. I love you Mike.”

The “mike” at the top was her mom’s script, showing her how to spell my name.

In the picture she drew me standing there with my computer on the table, pushing some keys with my extremely long arms, with her mom and dad sitting across from me.

I’m framing this precious artwork and hanging it in my new office as soon as we move into the new building.


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  1. Karen Harrington says:

    That’s so wonderful. You’ve always had a way with children. You’re own and your friends.

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