Helpful tips and advice from our staff, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Congratulations to Us!

  We’re pretty excited about going into 2018 as a newly minted Unilock Authorized Contractor. What is that, and why are we so excited? I’ll tell you. Unilock is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paving stone, slabs, retaining wall units and natural stone products used in commercial and residential landscape design. Unilock was …read more »

Salt Shortage

Below you will find a newsletter on the current salt shortage.  The local and regional supply of salt is quickly dwindling and costs are skyrocketing. We ask all of you to read this important information. This is a fact and is beyond Great Lakes Landscaping and our client’s control. The best quick examples that I …read more »

Taking Care of Your Paving Brick for Winter

One of the things we get asked often at Great Lakes Landscaping is, “how do I take care of my paving brick in winter?” All Unilock products are resistant to de-icing salt. However, we do not recommend over use of chemical de-icing products. If you think you may be using too much, you probably are. …read more »

Save Our Mighty Oaks

Oak trees (Quercus sp.) have long been prized for their strength, longevity and excellent wood properties. Oak trees adapt well in the natural forest, the suburban landscape and the parks of inner cities. Oak is a favorite wood used for hundreds of manufactured forest products so it is also a favored crop grown tree. Oaks are …read more »